Paschal Candle Incense Pins

We stock 3 sizes of Paschal candle Pins suitable for all sizes of paschal candle.The Paschal candle represents Christ, the Light of the World. The candle represents the sinless Christ who was formed in the womb of His Mother. The wick signifies His humanity, the flame, His Divine Nature, both soul and body. The five grains of incense are inserted into the candle in the form of a cross which recalls the aromatic spices with which His Sacred Body was prepared for the tomb, and the five wounds that he suffered to his body, his hands, feet, and side. During the Easter Vigil on Holy Saturday night the priest or deacon carries the candle in procession into the darkened church. A new fire, symbolizing our eternal life in Christ. The candle, representing Christ himself, is blessed by the priest who then inscribes a cross and then the first and last letters of the Greek alphabet, Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end and the current year, then postitions the five incense pins. The Easter candle is lighted each day during services throughout the Paschal season until Ascension Thursday.

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