Journeying with John, by James Woodward Church Liturgy & Biblical Study Books

Journeying with John, by James Woodward


Journeying with John.Hearing The Voice Of John'S Gospel In Years A, B And C, by James Woodward. Readings from the Gospel of John are brought into all the other Common Worship Lectionary years, for major occasions like Christmas or Easter, and to help reflection about the meaning of Jesus life and teaching. There are also several miracles (or sings) which are not mentioned in the other Gospels and can only be found in John, such as the wedding at Cana. A large proportion of the Gospel of John appears in Years A, B and C. The series unique slant is that it asks readers to use their imagination to bring the Gospel to life. It asks them to visualize themselves in the scenes that John describes in order to see the Gospels in a fresh and exciting way. Paperback Edition. Number of pages 160

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