Straight to the Heart of Luke, by Phil Moore Biblical Study Books

Straight to the Heart of Luke, by Phil Moore


Straight to the Heart of Luke. 60 bite-sized insights, by Phil Moore. Luke was so unlike the other New Testament writers that many of his contemporaries believed he wasn't qualified to write Scripture at all. But to understand the message of his gospel, we need to grasp who he was. Luke was the only New Testament writer who was not a Jew. The apostle Paul defends him by stating explicitly that his gospel was as much Holy Scripture as the Old Testament. Luke was an outsider to the Jewish faith that God inspired to compile an account of the life of Jesus in order to show people all around the world that what Jesus said and did him said and did for us all. The astonishing message of Luke's gospel is that what happened to Jesus happened for you. Phil Moore helps us to understand and see God's wisdom in choosing Luke as a writer. He shows that Luke assures us that this isn't someone else's story: he came for you. We can say yes to Jesus, discovering that he can use you. And that all this is possible because he made a way for you. Format: Paperback. Dimensions: 272 pages: 130 x 198 mm.

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