Elizabeth Prout: 1820–1864, by Edna Hamer Catholic Biographies Catholic Books

Elizabeth Prout: 1820–1864, by Edna Hamer


Elizabeth Prout: 1820–1864. A Religious Life for Industrial England, by Edna Hamer. A revised edition of this classic biography of a remarkable woman, a heroine of the Industrial Revolution who immersed herself in the chaos of Manchester's worst slums and brought comfort, education and hope to the poorest of the poor—the largely Irish and immigrant Catholic mill workers. All this was almost incidental to her overriding vocation, for Elizabeth Prout was the founder of a religious order whose members were themselves mainly from working-class backgrounds. Without endowments or wealthy patrons, these Sisters of the Cross and Passion worked tirelessly both to support themselves and to help the slum dwellers amongst whom they lived. Number of Pages 376 Illustrated throughtout.

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