Edith Stein, Woman of Prayer, by Joanne Mosley Catholic Biographies of Catholic Saints

Edith Stein, Woman of Prayer, by Joanne Mosley

GW-ISBN- 9780852445969

Edith Stein. Woman of Prayer, by Joanne Mosley. Edith Stein, canonized in 1998 and now a co-patroness of Europe, is rightly coming to be seen as one of the most important saints for out times. This book presents the life of Edith Stein while going behind the well known labels - Jewess, philosopher, Carmelite nun, martyr of Auschwitz - to reveal the inner struggles of a truly inspirational person: guided in all her thoughts and actions by a constant search for the truth and the acceptance of the will of God, even when it led to the ultimate gift of herself. Number of Pages 174

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