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Edith Stein, by Pat Lyne


Discovering Edith Stein, by Pat Lyne. Edith Stein’s autobiography, Life in a Jewish Family, ends with a joyful scene celebrating her award of a doctorate, when friends place on her head a wreath of daisies. Now, Pay Lyne, author of the popular biography, Edith Stein Discovered, takes this image as a the starting point for her sequel. Discovering Edith Stein is her own life story: the central thread is her deepening knowledge and love of the saint which began when Edith was barely known. The reader is soon drawn into this warmly written account, visiting the places which were part of Edith’s life and meeting some pioneering figures of Edith Stein research, all of which is narrated in memorable cameo portraits and engaging prose. Number of Pages 132 with illustrations.

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