Church Candle Holder Pentecost Flame Design 3 Inches Dia

Candle Holder Flame Design 3 Inches Dia


Pentecost Flame design brass candle holder for 3 - 3.75 inch diameter candles. This cut out flame design is symbolic of the descent of the Holy Spirit during Pentecost. This size of candle is also suitable for a table top Paschel Candle. For stability we recommend that no candles over 15 inches high are used in this candle holder. Overall Size: Base Dia 4.5 inches - 11.5cm Internal Dia 3.75 inches - 9.5cm Internal Max Height 3.75 Inches - 9.5cm. This candle holder will also accept all our sanctuary glasses. For suitable candles please see recommended items. Please Note: All sizes are approximate and may vary slightly.

Price: £46.00

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