Tigrinya Bible, Common Language Edition Eritrea and northern Ethiopia Christian Bible

Tigrinya Bible, Common Language Edition

MAR-ISBN: 9789966843616

The Tigrinya Bible - Common Language edition. Tigrinya is spoken in Eritrea and northern Ethiopia. Tigrinya, also spelt Tigrina, Tigrigna, Tigrinya, Tigrigna, Tigrina, Tigriña, Tigrinian, Tigrinyan is an African Semitic language spoken by the Tigrinya people, used by over six million people in Eritrea and the Tigray region of northern Ethiopia. Tigrinya is written in the ancient Ge’ez script, which is also used for Amharic. Tigrinya is closely related to the Tigre language. Christianity came to the Tigrinya people in the fourth century AD. Tigrinya speaking Christians are mainly Orthodox, with Catholic (Ge’ez rite) and Protestant, mainly Lutheran, minorities. Bible work is done by the Bible Society of Eritrea and the Ethiopian Bible Society. Dimensions: 217 x 147 x 27 mm. Format: Plastic. Weight: 659g

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