Fruits of the Spirit, by Stratford Caldecott CTS Books

Fruits of the Spirit, by Stratford Caldecott

CTS-SP31-ISBN : 9781860826610

Fruits of the Spirit. Spiritual reading for building a fruitful Christian life on the virtues given by the Holy Spirit, by Stratford Caldecott. This booklet explores the imagery of trees and fruitfulness in the Bible, and offers a sketch of Christian morality based on the relationship of spiritual fruits to the four cardinal virtues and the three theological virtues. The result is a kind of rough map, a guidebook of sorts to a life in the Spirit, inspired by teachings that we find in Holy Scripture and in the Catechism of the Catholic Church. Format: A6 Paperback. Dimensions: 10.5cm by 14.8cm.Number of Pages: 64

Price: £2.50

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