Matching Chalice and Ciborium Church Plate VesselsMatching Chalice and CiboriumMatching Chalice and Ciborium

Matching Chalice and Ciborium


Gold Plated Chalice & Ciborium, wonderfully detailed fluted shaped bases cast with Grapevines and Wheatsheafs. A similar design of the communion symbols, grapes and wheat are echoed on the cup and bowl rims of both vessels. To accentuate the beautiful detailing the knops are left plain and highly polished. The Chalice comes with a plain paten and the  Ciborium is finished off with a gold Celtic Cross finial. Chalice Size: 8.5 Inches - 21.5cm High, Bowl Capacity 10fl oz. Ciborium Size: 9.5 Inches - 24cm High and Holds approximately 200 plus peoples hosts. Both these items can be purchased seperately, please see recommended items. We also stock a wide range of 100% Cotton, machine washable Altar Linen and Altar Breads. This combined price is a 10% saving over the items being purchased seperately.

Price: £360.00

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