Matching Chalice and Ciborium Church PlateMatching Chalice and CiboriumMatching Chalice and Ciborium

Matching Chalice and Ciborium


Gold Plated Matching Chalice and Ciborium. The stem and knop on both items have a pattened finish with a polished edge. Both cups of each vessel has a smooth polished finish. The Chalice comes complete with a Paten, the finial on the Ciborium is an emblem of a fish. Size of Chalice: 7.25 Inches or 18.5cm high. This Chalice holds approximately 10fl ozs. The Ciborium, is 8.5 Inches or 21.5cm high, and holds approximately 200 x peoples hosts. These items can also be purchased seperately, please see recommended items. We also stock a wide range of 100% Cotton, machine washable Altar Linens. This combined price is a 10% saving over the items being purchased seperately.

Price: £324.00

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