Pope Francis A short biography of the new Holy Father

Pope Francis

CTS-B752-ISBN : 9781860828706

Pope Francis. By: Croos SJ, Dushan. A short biography of the new Holy Father. Amidst the many media reports on the newly elected bishop of Rome and his possible effect on the Church, it is easy to lose sight of who he is and where he really came from.  This booklet gives you the facts. In the brief time that the newly elected Pope Francis spent on the Balcony of St Peter’s to greet his new diocese in Rome, many the world over were left asking who this man was who gave such a great impression of humility and approachability. This newly written biography tells the story of Jorge Mario Bergoglio’s journey from modest beginnings in Buenos Aires, through his studies in chemistry to formation in the Society of Jesus, then as Archbishop in Buenos Aires and finally to the See of Peter. About the author: Dushan Croos SJ entered the Society of Jesus in 1995 and has worked in Europe and South America. He is currently Assistant Catholic Chaplain to Oxford University. Format: A6 Booklet. Dimensions: 10.5cm by 14.8cm. Number of Pages: 56

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