C. S. Lewis a Mini Biography

C. S. Lewis, by Walter Hooper

CTS-B760-ISBN : 9781784690021

C. S. Lewis. Apostle to the Sceptics, by Walter Hooper. This booklet charts Lewis’s journey from practical atheism to his conversion to Christianity, and thereafter, to becoming Professor of English at Cambridge and one of the best known Christian apologists of his age. In charting Lewis's childhood, youth and adult life, Walter Hooper reveals the many influences that played upon his formation as a writer, thinker, and in his faith. Spurning celebrity and false certainties, Lewis spoke to millions of his generation of the everyday struggles, enlightened by the truths of Christianity conveyed in straightforward, riveting, understandable prose. About the author, After they met in 1963 C.S. Lewis asked Hooper to become his secretary. Following Lewis’s death Hooper was invited to edit his literary remains, a task which has occupied him these last fifty years. Format: A6 booklet.Dimensions: 10.5cm by 14.8cm. Number of Pages: 80

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