A Book of Martyrs Devotions to the Martyrs of England, Scotland and Wales

A Book of Martyrs, by Fr John S Hogan

CTS-D814-ISBN : 9781784691509

A Book of Martyrs. Devotions to the Martyrs of England, Scotland and Wales.By: Fr John S. Hogan. Veneration of martyrs is one of the earliest devotions in the Church. For centuries Christians looked upon the martyrs as the great heroes of the faith, offering the supreme testimony to Christ and the Gospel by laying down their lives rather than renounce their Christian faith. A Book of Martyrs is intended to remind the faithful of some of these powerful men and women who lived and suffered in the British Isles. Among the many Saints and Blesseds of England, Scotland and Wales are extraordinary figures who – through our devotion – provide us today with many wonderful gifts, such as wisdom, strength and comfort. Format: A6 Booklet. Dimensions: 105mm by 148mm. Number of Pages: 88

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